Marine Reed Brissonnet: Model and France Fan following Euro 2016

Marine before the game  (c) Guillaume Blot

Marine before the game (c) Guillaume Blot

I’m half French-Canadian, half French and I moved from Montreal to Paris four years ago. I remember running around in circles with other five year olds when my dad first made me play football. Today, as much as I love this sport and the country I live in, it’s a weird time for France to host Euro 2016.

The tension is real: the terrorism threat, strikes, security breaches, hooligans enjoying the match… It is hard to focus on the true and positive matter of sport while the country is struggling. I hope that sportsmanship wins over everything else: tourists, football fans and the French can unite to the rhythm of national anthems and sing along for a whole month.                                                                                                                                                                                   The France vs Albania game was the perfect way to prove our faith until the very last seconds. The game was dull for the first 45 minutes but nerve racking from the 46th to the end of extra time. I literally screamed at top of my lungs when Antoine Griezmann finally scored, relieved by imminent victory, which was assured thanks to Dimitri Payet’s second goal.

It is amazing how during 90 minutes, a room full of people, races, religions and colors can gather together and celebrate hand in hand, sharing only passion and love. It was a stressful but very fun night, jumping around with my friends, wearing my blue home jersey, every fan singing together with one voice; undefeated. 

Words Marine Reed Brissonnet

Image Guillaume Blot