SEASON zine: The Female Fan (Sold Out)

SEASON zine: The Female Fan (Sold Out)


For fans by fans: the first issue is dedicated to women who enjoy fashion and football. Around 25% of fans attending matches, in the Premier League at least, are female so we’re a growing minority being undersold elsewhere. The theme colour is pink - just like the mountains of patronizing football merchandise in an attempt to reclaim the colour.

Naoko Scintu, FKA twigs’ make-up artist
Verity Parker, Associate Fashion Editor at British Vogue
Boycotting The Sun
Why we're not wearing ladies shirts
Caitlin Price
José Mourinho and more

Each copy comes with a set of collectible SEASON stickers, based on our contributors' favourite players, which can be stuck throughout.

72 pages covers included

sold out
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